5 Ways Emu Oil Will Change Your Life

Championed by the Aborigines for thousands of years, emu oil is a remarkable natural treatment which is derived from the fat cells of the flightless bird indigenous to Australia. Around 70% of the emu oil consists of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which offer a host of life-changing health benefits. Many people swear by their emu creams and other products. Let's take a closer look at the emu oil benefits in this article.


1 – Nourish Your Skin

In addition to being an excellent moisturizer, emu oil is used to treat wrinkles and other effects of aging including age spots. A study that tested the dermal effect of emu oil on the areola skin of breastfeeding women found that emu oil helps in hydrating the skin and consequently assists in preventing areola skin barrier damage.
Emu oil is used to relieve redness, dry skin, and any burning sensation caused by sunburns, while simultaneously preventing further damage. Its protective properties are even being utilized for cancer patients receiving medical radiation therapy to protect skin around treatment areas that may be damaged as a side effect of the radiation.
Nourish Your Skin

With a comparable fatty acid composition to human skin, emu oil contains lots of oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acid. This similarity helps the oil penetrate deeply and replenish the skin’s natural oils, making it look and feel healthy. This also explains why there are so many benefits to using emu oil products.


2 – Natural Help Against Inflammation

One of the best known characteristics of emu oil products is its anti-inflammatory effect. This has been evidenced in a variety of medical studies showing that topical application of emu oil could be beneficial as an alternative treatment of arthritis. The benefit of emu oil fats were found to be equivalent to that of other medical treatment options, typically prescribed medicines to reduce inflammation.
Researchers of the University of Adelaide found a reductive effect of emu oil on acute, chronic intestinal inflammation and on inflammation of the ileum. Chemotherapy-induced inflammation was also found to be effectively decreased by dietary emu oil supplementation in a medical study by the University of South Australia. On top of that, a topical application of emu oil was also discovered to have a positive effect on auricular inflammation, often occurring when the ear is infected.
Natural Help Against Inflammation

While further studies are needed, the evidence certainly seems to be demonstrating the therapeutic potential of emu oil for helping reduce painful inflammatory conditions.


3 – No Pain, All Gain

Australian aborigines have long since recognized emu oil's medical benefits for the effective treatment of pain. It provides pain relief due to its high linoleic acid content and also soothes itching sensations. It can be applied to damaged areas and wounds to provide significant pain relief.
Emu oil contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. According to a Japanese study, these fatty acids were shown to exhibit a vital role in the pain regulation of pain levels. However, further biochemical assessment is needed to understand the exact mechanisms through which this effect occurs.


4 – Good For Aching Joints and Sore Muscles

Do you know that feeling that your body gives you after a long or exhausting workout? Despite the emotional and physical boost exercise gives you, your body can sometimes feel the burn. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the result of a buildup of inflammatory cytokines (chemicals) in the muscle. Fortunately, you can soothe sore muscles, and treat yourself, as many do, by applying a bit of anti-inflammatory emu oil to the aching areas before or while the painful side effects settle in.
Your joints can greatly benefit from emu oil fats as well. This is due to the oil containing a high amount of poly and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, as well as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids—these were found to relieve patients from joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis by researchers from York University in Toronto. A massage with emu oil could be just what you need when your muscles or joints are aching.
Good For Aching Joints and Sore Muscles


5 – Speed Up Your Body’s Healing Powers

The topical application of emu oil products on burnt skin is believed to speed up the innate healing powers of your body. This process is supported by the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil. Emu oil has also been found to support the wound healing process due to its Vitamin A content; a versatile vitamin renowned for its ability to promote skin repair. Canadian researchers found the oil had a positive effect on wound healing when applying a mixture of emu oil, Vitamin E and botanical oil.
The oil also used in the healing of scars and stretch marks through essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory effects and transdermal properties. Research at a Texan University found that scars resulting from burns were significantly reduced when emu oil was used to treat burn victims.


In Summary

Ultimately, it may be healthy take a step away from the artificial, chemical, profit-driven treatments that arose within the last few decades. Ancient practices, over thousands of years old, taught humans how the animals and plants that Mother Nature provides help us to heal ourselves and to treat our conditions. Try emuaid and experience for yourself the power of pure, natural emu oil.