Do Your Skincare Treatments Contain Any of These Harmful Elements

When looking for treatment options for skin conditions, it’s easy to select a product without doing too much research on its contents and side effects. Here are some elements to be wary of when it comes to selecting treatments for your skin.

Elements to Be Aware of When Selecting a Skincare Treatment

1. Lanolin
Lanolin is derived from an oil that is produced by sheeps’ wool. It’s a similar concept to how the human scalp creates oil to protect the hair of the head. Lanolin, however, is much thicker and more complex as it is used to help sheep’s wool repel water. Lanolin is generally used as a moisturizer as it forms an oily layer over the skin in order to trap in moisture. It can be found in things like Vaseline and petroleum jelly.
Lanolin is derived from an oil that is produced by sheeps wool

Since lanolin comes from sheep, which are often treated with pesticides, lanolin has been known to contain small traces of pesticides which can cause serious health problems. Another issue with lanolin is that it contains wool alcohols which can cause allergic reactions. Ironically, while it is aimed at healing skin conditions, it can sometimes cause them.

2. Artificial Preservatives
Artificial preservatives are prevalent in everything from food to personal care products. It is important to be aware of the side effects of artificial preservatives. While the levels are generally low in most products, over time, there may be some possibility that prolonged exposure can cause serious side effects. More commonly, artificial preservatives can cause allergies and asthma, but in rare cases they can be linked to neurological damage and even cancer.
Artificial preservatives are prevalent in everything from food to personal care products

3. Parabens
Parabens are a specific type of artificial preservative that act as an endocrine disruptor. They mimic natural hormones and act as “synthetic estrogens,” blocking hormone receptors to stop the course of normal hormones. They are used in several skincare products as preservatives including lotions, creams and ointments, and beauty products. Parabens can cause skin irritation and some argue that the estrogenic qualities of parabens can be linked to breast cancer.

4. Fragrances
So many skin treatments are filled with fragrances. While you may enjoy the pleasant scent that accompanies your cream or ointment, you should be wary of the side effects. The American Academy of Dermatology believes fragrances may cause contact dermatitis. The issue with fragrances is that they are made up of several chemicals which can cause irritation, inflammation, and even allergic reactions. When using lotions or other skin care remedies, you’re usually better off avoiding intense fragrances. Even if the fragrances don’t irritate you, the smell may cause a headache or allergic reaction in others.
When using lotions or other skin remedies you are usually better off avoiding intense fragrances

5. Corticosteroids
Corticosteroids work by mimicking the effects of naturally-produced hormones. They are sometimes prescribed in higher doses than the body’s typical levels in order to suppress inflammation. They can also suppress the immune system. This is particularly beneficial in cases where your immune system accidentally attacks its own tissues. Extensive use of topical corticosteroids may result in thin skin, lesions, and acne.

What to Look For
When looking for a skincare treatment, natural is the way to go. Look for a treatment option that works naturally with your body instead of against it in unnatural ways. Emuaid is ahomeopathic topical ointment with only natural ingredients. It is completely free of the potentially harmful elements listed in this article. If you want fast, natural relief, Emuaid is an excellent choice.