Eczema and Psoriasis Treatments that Really Help

Eczema and Psoriasis are both chronic conditions that present as scaly, itchy and red patches on the skin. The outbreaks of these conditions can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Without any clear fix to getting rid of them for good; treating these conditions can be difficult and expensive. When looking for the best way to treat the symptoms of your psoriasis or eczema, keep it simple and inexpensive by trying these natural remedies. Some of these natural remedies act like probiotics for psoriasis and eczema and help patients fight back against these diseases.

1. Moisturize

If there is one thing that all sources agree on, it is that moisture is the key to comfort when you are dealing with eczema or psoriasis. Keeping the skin moisturized not only cuts down on the itching and dryness caused by these conditions, but it reduces your risk for flare-ups. Following a daily routine is essential to keeping your psoriasis and eczema at bay. It is recommended that you bathe daily and use lotion and oils in order to lock in as much moisture as possible. Essential oils such as Argan Oil and Primrose Oil have been used for centuries as powerful moisturizing agents. More recently, experts in moisturizing such as Jim Harrison of the Phytotherapy Institute, recommend fatty acid rich oils such as Jojoba Oil and Emu Oil in combination with the older remedies in order to best seal in moisture. A good product that combines all of these as well as other powerful healing remedies such as Tea Tree Oil is Emuaid’s Therapeutic Moisture Bar.

Moisture is the Key to Comfort

2. Change Your Diet

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, what foods patients are eating often can be causing their flare-ups of psoriasis and eczema. In order to help clear up your skin, he recommends following an anti-inflammatory food diet rich in carotenoids. Foods rich in carotenoids, such as mangos, tomatoes, and leafy greens have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that translate to less red and inflamed skin. Changing your diet to cut out pro-inflammatory foods such as fried foods, corn syrup, and flour can provide health benefits beyond providing relief to your psoriasis and eczema. Following an anti-inflammatory diet has been linked to lower rates of obesity, arthritis, and diabetes. Food rich in probiotics like yogurt and kombucha can help improve gut bacteria which too can help fight back against certain skin diseases.
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Foods rich in Carotenoids

3. Take a Probiotic

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, taking probiotics for psoriasis and eczema can often help improve your body’s immune system and control inflammation. This is especially pertinent for those patients with eczema, where providing your body an immune boost can make a big difference in how it responds to the allergens that cause an outbreak. By taking a probiotic drugs that has at least 3-5 billion live organisms daily you can improve your body’s natural ability to clear up the red, itchy inflammation caused by psoriasis and eczema. Both Emuaid and Designs for Health carry probiotic supplements that can provide these healing benefits.

Taking a Probiotic Can Help

4. Cut Out Stress

Stress has been proven to not only suppress immune function giving disease and bacteria the upper hand, but to lead to inflammation in the body. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema are especially linked to psychological stress. Although managing stress can be difficult, taking time each day to meditate, exercise, or do something that you love can dramatically lower stress levels and boost overall satisfaction. Many find therapy to be useful as well. Therapy can teach you how to best remain calm and deal with life’s stress. In order to best support your body’s natural healing abilities, it is important to lower stress levels in your daily life. Some common activities that have been proven to lower stress levels are journaling, yoga, consuming health foods and drinks filled with probiotics and meditation.


Unlock your body’s natural healing powers, and reduce the impact of psoriasis and eczema on your life by following these tips. Not only are these remedies easy to follow and very safe, they are extremely cost effective when compared to traditional pharmaceutical drugs and treatments. By following these tips you can not only lessen the symptoms of your current eczema and psoriasis, but also prevent future flare-ups. Making sure your skin stays moisturized, changing your diet, taking a probiotic, and cutting out stress are all natural methods to support your body’s natural ability to combat eczema and psoriasis.