Getting Healthy: What Holistic Health Practitioners Say

Holistic health care is often misunderstood and it can be very confusing. There’s lots of misinformation out there when it comes to holistic care and holistic therapy, and it can often sound mysterious and uninviting. But before you run away from the idea of holistic care, take a minute to understand what it really is and how it might benefit you.


Health According to a Holistic Health Practitioner

What does it really mean to be healthy? A holistic health practitioner would tell you that being healthy involves a lot more than merely keeping your physical body well. Holistic health practitioners believe that all parts of one’s being are intricately connected and that being healthy means not only having a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and spirit.


Health According to a Holistic Health Practitioner


Holistic Care

When many think of holistic health care, their minds instantly go to hippies and witch doctors. While holistic health practitioners certainly focus on natural remedies and an all-encompassing view of wellness, most do so in a healthy, non-radical way that encourages healing and promotes a healthy holistic lifestyle. When it comes down to it, living a holistic lifestyle is less about being radical and more about being mindful.


Holistic health practitioners will do more than just simply give you a prescription or have you participate in holistic therapy. They’ll look to treat your ailment at the very source. Maybe you’ve been having severe stomach pain. Instead of simply giving you a strong antacid, a holistic health practitioner might take a deeper look into other areas of your life that may be affecting your health. They may ask you if you are under a lot of stress at work or if you are in a difficult family situation. Your emotional, mental, or spiritual health could be affecting your physical health, and vice versa. Holistic care will take everything into account.


Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy can range from something as simple as doing yoga daily to something as complex as acupuncture. A lot of holistic therapy simply focuses on being mindful and finding refreshment for your body, mind, and spirit. Often, holistic therapy involves a lot of outdoor activities. Being outside allows you to experience the beauty of the world, get fresh air, and clear your mind. When it comes down to it, the end goal of all holistic care and holistic therapy is to live naturally and find balance.


Holistic Therapy


The Holistic Lifestyle

The holistic lifestyle is one in which all parts of one’s life are balanced and a concerted effort is placed on maintaining moderation in all things. People who live a holistic lifestyle might focus on the following things:

  • Keeping an active mind and body. This may involve physical exercise or reading.
  • Eating organic foods, fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods.
  • Taking time to relax and participate in activities that are personally enjoyable.
  • Regularly socializing.
  • Giving of themselves. It is a great way to find happiness, for when you’re less focused on your own problems, they seem to become less concerning.
  • Being involved in unselfish activities. Serving others. Smiling at people. Volunteering at a nursing home. Donating old clothes.


The Holistic Lifestyle


When you live a holistic lifestyle, you are actively striving to live a life of meaning. You understand your place in the world and have a good relationship with yourself, the earth, and those around you. The beauty of living holistically is that if you live a holistic lifestyle, you may need to see a doctor less than usual.


The Characteristics of those in Holistic Health Careers

Holistic therapy and a holistic health care focus on all aspects of health, be they emotional, social, physical, spiritual, or mental. Holistic health practitioners focus on the deepest parts of the body, mind, and spirit, and subscribe to the idea that if one is affected, or not working at full capacity, the others will suffer as well. 


Those in holistic health careers are often very calming people who understand how to maintain proper balance in all parts of their life and how to transfer that understanding of holistic care to others. They live a holistic lifestyle, taking ample time to give each essential part of their being what it needs to stay healthy and function at a high level. Maybe they take a regular walk every morning or enjoy getting out in nature. They typically eat healthy foods that are close to the earth and really soak in life. They do a great job of living in the moment and don’t get hung up on things outside of their control.


Often, holistic health care practitioners will use natural remedies and special treatments with multiple uses. Emuaid, for example, is an all natural cream that can help over 100 different conditions. It soothes irritation, reduces inflammation, and provides relief for conditions like toenail fungus infections.


Go Live Holistically!

Whether your personal holistic therapy is getting outside for a nice run or just reading a good book, the time to start a healthy holistic lifestyle is now! When you experience the life-changing benefits of focusing on balance and maintaining all aspects of your health, you may even become interested in holistic health careers yourself. Share a smile, eat a little healthier, do some volunteer work, and enjoy nature. Every little step is one in the right direction.