How To Beat Shingles Naturally

When the chickenpox virus of your youth comes back to haunt you as shingles, you are anything but comfortable. That stinging, sometimes blistered rash that wraps around your abdomen can cause constant pain. With conventional treatments that range from antivirals to steroids to surgery, finding relief for your itching blisters and other symptoms can be stressful and confusing.  If you are seeking for treatment that is cost effective, that can work to alleviate symptoms, and help your shingles clear up faster, look no further than nature. Find relief and beat shingles by using these natural remedies for shingles.

1. Soothe Your Skin With Moisture

The best thing that you can do to stop the burning pain from shingles is to soothe your skin. According to Dr. Oz, you can find relief by using cold compresses, taking oatmeal baths, and applying calamine lotions. Using topical lotions and moisturizers is also recommended to help with your painful blisters and other symptoms. By locking moisture into your skin you help to reduce both the inflammation and pain associated with shingles. Emuaid is an anti-inflammatory ointment that soothes, moisturizes, and heals the body. The all-natural product utilizes natural oils such as argan oil and emu oil to moisturize your skin, act as a shingles treatment, and help you to recover faster. 

Soothe Your Skin With Moisture


2. Capsaicin For Pain Relief

If moisturizing and soothing home remedies for shingles are not enough, according to Dr. Weil, using topical capsaicin cream might do the trick. Capsaicin, derived from chili peppers, is a powerful natural analgesic (or pain reliever). It works by lowering your levels of substance P, a neurotransmitter that sends pain signals to the brain and therefore diminishes feelings of pain from the skin. Although capsaicin cream can be a very powerful analgesic, it comes with a very low risk. Side effects are very mild, and are usually associated with an allergy to the capsaicin. You can find this product online or in drug stores under different names.
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Capsaicin For Pain Relief


3. Lysine To Treat the Virus

Although your shingles will usually clear up on its own, you can help to combat the virus by supplementing with the common amino acid lysine. In a study done at the Indiana School of Medicine, lysine worked to accelerate the clearing and treating of an outbreak and helped to prevent future outbreaks of the virus that causes shingles. It is proposed that by taking lysine, you make a hostile, antiviral environment for the virus so that it cannot replicate as readily making it easier for your immune system to fight off the herpes zoster virus. Lysine can be taken orally as a dietary supplement in the form of L-Lysine. You can find this supplement in your local health store or through Designs for Health.

4. Load Up on Vitamins

There is evidence that certain vitamins may help you overcome your shingles. A study published in Medical Science Monitor showed that intravenous vitamin C helps to reduce the pain and other side effects associated with shingles. It also helps build up the immune system so it can better fight off infections. It is suggested that this effect is also present in oral supplements containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that can come to your aid. According to the Health Sciences Institute, a regimen of B12 may also be helpful in clearing up shingles. Dr. Allan Spreen M.D. explains that this is because the B12 goes right into the nerve sheath to battle the virus at its home. You can find vitamin B12 in most B complex vitamins, or alone through Nature’s Way. Vitamin C can be found in most health stores, drug stores, or online through Nature Made and many other vitamin vendors. There are also many foods that are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 that can be consumed as home remedies for shingles too.

Load Up on Vitamins

Help to clear your outbreaks and prevent future outbreaks by using these natural remedies for shingles. Not only are they extremely cost effective when compared to traditional shingles treatments, but they also carry a very low risk of side effects. Get nature on your side and utilize these helpful natural remedies for shingles.