The scientific method is a process of trial and error. Medicine, a subset of scientific research, is no different. Throughout human history, we’ve experimented with a variety of different treatment methods for a variety of different diseases, trying to find effective cures to help treat sick people. Although they haven’t all been successful, those that did not work, brought us closer to actual cures that did.

For example, humans used to consume different types of moldy foods to treat a variety of diseases. Although that didn’t work, it got us closer to developing Penicillium, which is derived from blue mold. Without Penicillium, we wouldn’t be able to treat bacteria infections because we use Penicillium to make our antibiotics.

We’ve made this list of 10 medical treatments that no longer exist, so you can get an idea of how much medicine and treatment options have improved over the centuries. We might not use these treatments anymore, but each has gotten us closer to being able to effectively treat and cure different diseases.

Medical Practices That Led to Advanced Medicine