“Reduces the Appearance of Molluscum Contagiosum and Eliminates 99.99% of Bacteria in 1 Minute1

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This is a picture of the EMUAID® Regular First Aid Ointment 2oz and the EMUAIDMAX® First Aid Ointment 2oz.
  • Fast Acting - Get noticeable improvement in your Molluscum Contagiosum symptoms within 24 hours. Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Effective - EMUAID® reduces pain, itching and inflammation and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in less than 1 minute1.

  • Safe and Natural - Made in an FDA-registered homeopathic medicine facility from natural healing ingredients.

1Kmieck, P. J. 2015. Modified Time Kill Study – Emuaid. No. 27181. Kappa Laboratories.

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Customer Reviews

Do You Suffer from Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum Contagiosum symptoms can be difficult to treat.

A Molluscum Contagiosum outbreak causes inflamed, small, pearly nodules often found in clusters. Often Molluscum Contagiosum occurs in young children and the symptoms can be both hard to eliminate and embarrassing.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you've tried everything to try to eliminate your Molluscum Contagiosum outbreak.

EMUAID® can help.

Infographic on warts

Can EMUAID® Help Relieve Molluscum Contagiosum Naturally?

Yes! Before we show you how EMUAID® works, there's something you must know.

Your skin is a barrier designed to keep bacteria and infections out. Most medications cannot penetrate deep into the skin to efficiently deliver the active ingredients to where they are needed the most.

No matter how effective the medication is, there's no use if it can't penetrate the skin’s barrier to treat your your Molluscum Contagiosum.

EMUAID® is different.

EMUAID® is specially designed to penetrate skin. It has a unique delivery system that helps carry powerful healing ingredients deep into your skin.

EMUTANEOUS description graphic

How EMUAID® Works to Eliminate the Appearance of Your Molluscum Contagiosum

  1. Immediately upon application, EMUAID® ointment penetrates your skin and eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause infection and irritation in distressed skin.
  2. Our strong healing ingredients begin to calm inflammation and relieve itching, pain and discomfort immediately.*
  3. Powerful natural ingredients, rare growth factor stimulators and skin-mimicking lipids work synergistically with oxygen boosters to stimulate blood flow to rapidly promote skin repair and act as a prevention measure for future flare ups.

7 Ways EMUAID® is Different

Difference #1: Scientifically Proven to Work

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is proven to have 99% efficacy approval rating.

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is recommended both by physicians and customers worldwide. Additionally, EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is non-steroidal, has NO reported side effects, and does not conflict with other medications.

In a Time Kill Study conducted by a third party, independent laboratory, test results proved that EMUAID® kills Bacteria, Yeast and Mold on contact and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in less than 1 minute.1

1Kmieck, P. J. 2015.Modified Time Kill Study – Emuaid. No. 27181. Kappa Laboratories.

A picture of a woman looking into a microscope

A picture of ointment applied on skin

Difference #2: Penetrates Deep into the Nail Bed

Unlike most treatments, EMUAID® is specially designed to penetrate your skin. It has a unique delivery system that helps carry powerful healing ingredients deep into your skin.

Difference #3: Made from Natural Ingredients

We use only the highest quality ingredients that are available without a prescription to make EMUAID®.

EMUAID® contains an advanced blend of concentrated medical grade ingredients, including 10x, 20x, 30x HPUS Argentum Metallicum (Colloidal Silver – active ingredient), Emu Oil, Bacillus Ferment, L-Lysine HCL, Tea Tree Oil, Phytosphingosine, and Ceramide 3.

Our active ingredient contributes broad spectrum healing properties in our unique formula. EMUAID® First Aid Ointment does not contain chemicals, artificial preservatives, lanolin, alcohol, parabens, steroids, petrochemicals, or fragrance.

A picture of a sunny jungle path

A pair of babies feet

Difference #4: Safe for All Ages

Despite being a powerful and fast-acting healing compound, EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is safe for use anywhere on the body by any age group, including infants.

Difference #5: Effective for Many Different Skin Conditions

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment is a natural, soothing, and effective ointment for many itchy and painful skin conditions, such as lichen sclerosus, hemorrhoids, and poison ivy. It calms pain, infection and inflammation for a variety of these conditions that are resistant and difficult to treat. As an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ointment, EMUAID® targets dangerous pathogens and microbes on contact. As a First Aid Ointment, EMUAID® provides symptomatic relief to minor wounds and burns, bruises, ulcerations, sunburn, razor burn, scrapes, rashes, blisters, bug bites and skin eruptions from acne, eczema or minor infection.

One jar treats over 100 conditions.

A picture of a woman in pain

Difference #6: Doctor Recommended

EMUAID® is recommended by doctors to treat many skin conditions.
Watch the video below to find out more.

“I use the EMUAID products in my practice and recommend them to my patients for treating many different skin conditions.”

-Dr. Roopa Chari, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine

30 day guarantee seal

Difference #7: Backed by 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that EMUAID® will work for your Molluscum Contagiosum. Most customers see a noticeable improvement in less than 24 hours. Once applied, EMUAID® starts to work to improve your symptoms immediately.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of your initial purchase, and we'll give you back your money. No questions asked.

EMUAID comparison chart

Praise for EMUAID® from Satisfied Customers

A picture of 5 yellow stars Ravinder K

Emuaid products are a god send!!! My 11 year old daughter was suffering with acne which was getting worse over a period of 12 months, tried everything we could get our hands on in the end went to the GP's who prescribed a lotion which I was told would take up to 4 weeks to notice any improvement - I was reluctant in using this product as I was told it would stain clothes and excessively dry out the skin making it flaky this put me off even trying it. This overnight acne treatment didn't let me down, we noticed a difference on the first application, after 2 weeks there was a remarkable improvement so much so the acne is hardly visible now. We are continuing to use it to keep the acne away and it is not drying out the skin. Thank you so much for manufacturing such amazing products. It is unfortunate they are not publicised worldwide, but thanks to Amazon I was able to get my hands on them easily in the UK. I will most definitely be recommending this product to anyone who is suffering with persistent spots / acne. Don't normally leave review but in this case I had to make a conscious effort to submit a review to let everyone know how truly beneficial and life changing these products can be.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Jt C.

I originally bought the Emuaid Max for my son's molluscus contagiosum but turns out that is not what he had. BUT then I tried it on my toenail fungus after several home remedies and over the counter products did not work. It worked wonders after only a few applications! I wish I would have known it could help toenail fungus a year ago.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Danielle

LOVE IT!! I bought Emuaid Max for my children (ages 7 and 9) to clear up eczema and molloscums (water warts). This is a MIRACLE cream! If any parent is looking at this and deciding whether to spend the $$$ just do it – this cream works!! The molluscums dried up within a few days and the eczema is completely gone!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Joy

We are very thankful for the early arrival of your fine product. My sister, in less than 24 hours, is now completely Pain free. Very, very grateful,*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Renne G

I purchased the product for my 5 year old granddaughter. She has Molluscum Contagiosum . She had so many lesions she would only wear leggings so she could hide them. I felt so bad for her. We started using Emuaid extra strength three times a day until we used the entire jar..about three weeks. It seemed to only marginally help so I didn’t reorder. Then my son said, Look at Taylor’s legs now,”. (It has been about two months since her last application) All of the lesions were gone!!!i was so happy. All that is left are the red scars but I know they too will fade. Thanks for the excellent product”*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Nikki B

Dear Dexter, My son is 12 years old and swims almost daily on a competitive swim team. Several months ago, he developed a simple red bump in his groin area. It was stubborn to go away and so we first thought maybe it was a bug bite or an ingrown hair. But, it continued to get bigger and then there was suddenly a cluster of them. We then thought perhaps it was an irritant rash from his swimsuit and the chlorine. We tried several over the counter remedies for irritated skin and rashes but within another week, they had spread to his entire groin area. After researching the bumps on the Internet, we determined it was Molluscum Contagiosum; a very stubborn skin rash/infection common to swimmers. Sites said there was no real medical treatments recommended by doctors and that the bumps would go away on their own… sometimes in as long as four years!! He’s 12, and often in the locker room with his teammates so that just wasn’t acceptable. They were uncomfortable, and he was very self-conscious about them. We searched for an all-natural solution and found one at a local pharmacy. We used it twice a day for more than a month and while it reduced the size of the bumps and seemed to keep more from popping up, it did little to heal them or actually improve the condition. The bumps became scaly and dry and my son started to complain that some of them hurt. So, we researched again and came across Emuaid. It was pretty pricey but the reviews were very positive, so we decided to try it. And, thank goodness, we did!! Within 24 hours the bumps were greatly reduced and within 48 hours, they were significantly smaller. It’s been about two weeks and they are almost completely gone. It’s been a huge relief to find a remedy that was all natural, easy for our son to apply to such a sensitive area and that showed almost instant results. We definitely recommend Emuaid*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Kris K

My 8 year old son had infected molluscum over his arms and leg from using dermatologists strong powerful and corrosive medication leading to an infection that was extremely painful for him. After trying to treat for many months used emuaid and within 48 hours the painful sores began to heal for the first time in 5 months. It gave me hope that we could clear up this stubborn skin condition. My son also suffers from eczema, so these products didn’t hurt that either — I love this product. Thank you….*

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A picture of 5 yellow stars Glenn W

This product is a miracle cream. After just 24 hours the bumps began to dry up. By day 7 they were all completly gone on her face and legs. I even told my daughters Pediatrician about the cream. Amazing results!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous Customer

Emuaid works! My son had terrible muscolum for over 6 months – I used the cream and the soap and it almost completely disappeared in weeks. thank you!!!!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Heather

Easy to purchase on line and even found a coupon code that saved us 10%! The emuaidMAX cleared up our sons Molluscum bumps in about 3 months! He went from having 70 bumps to he is now down to two and they are almost gone… and it is September. WE ARE THRILLED!!! We were diligent at applying it two times a day to his bumps. We would occasionally miss a time here or there…but overall they responded well to the emuaidMAX cream. We are so grateful!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Kimbelry C

I’m ordering Emuaid Max for the second time. This is the only thing that has completely helped both my twin daughters Mulluscum. I started applying it twice a day on all of the hard bumps and within days, they disappear. Some of them were HUGE, painful and itchy. I cancelled our dermatology appointment and will continue to use this as long as we need to. They know the routine and even comment on how their “bumps are gone.” They are only 4, almost 5. One had it worse than the other. Not anymore. Thanks!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous Customer

I just want to mention your product.It has changed my life! After 33 years of itch it has almost gone!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Dennis L F

I use Emuaid for my skin condition that causes constant itching. Since using Emuaid the itching is completely gone. It’s a great product!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous Customer

I am so glad I found this cream to help my husband, in one week I could see a big different. Today we had a Doctor appoinment , she was so surprise how it got better, she took me to the computer to show me the picture from last week and now what a different, I just have to tell her about your cream, she said , she never heard about this cream. I strongly recomend r*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Leila K


A picture of 5 yellow stars Suzanne H

I just want to say thank you for making my daughter’s molluscus contagiosum go away. The EmuaidMAX is a miracle drug. We were told by our pediatrician that we would just have to let this virus run it’s course which could be 6 months to over a year. We purchased this product in April and it immediately started to work. We are happy that she will be able to enjoy the summer this year without having this virus. I will be recommending this product to everyone.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Sarah M

We have been using Emuaid for less than a week but it already seems to be clearing up the Molluscum.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars David J

It is the only meds that i have ever found that totally works. the shopping exp, was awesome thanks*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Jamie B


A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous

My daughter has Molluscum for more than two years and nothing seems to make them go away….only EmuAid was able in 1 month to remove them without any trace!!! Thank you so much for this miracle cream….we use it at home for any skin condition and it works from the moment you apply it on the skin….Great Product…..Thank you EmuAid team…*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Marcel

Ordering was quick and painless. Used it for a week so far and began to see results immediately for Molluscum Contagiosum. I was skeptical but took a chance cause we were very frustrated with the virus. We are very pleased with the results so far.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Mariann M

We are using emiaid max to treat our son’s molescum contagiosum. It has been the one thing that has worked so far. It takes time, but it is slowly working. If you have anything suggestions that might speed up the process, we would be grateful*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Maggie T.

This stuff is so good. I got the extra strength this time. I am assured that it will work as well or better. Nothing I have tried before worked until I discovered this product. It’s a miracle in a jar.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Angela W

Placed order over internet from New Zealand, and received it within the time they said it would take to get to me without any hassles. My son has a few little molluscum contagiosum come up last Oct 13, but they started getting itchy and took the top off a couple of them. Have only been using it now for 4 days and already it has nearly cleared up the couple that he took the top off due to scratching them. I am using it on his legs with a couple of big bruises to the shin and they have gone and now applying still to his legs on insect bites and scratches, they are healing really quick now. I am using the Emuaid Maximum strength.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous Customer

I’ve been using the Emuaid MAX for 3 years and it has cleared any skin condition on both of my kids from diaper rash to molluscum contagiosum and eczema.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Krissa

My daughter suffered from severe excema and Molluscum. We purchased the emuaid cream a few months ago and after only a few weeks it was completely cleared up! Miracle bc we have already been to the pediatrician , allergist, and dermatologist for answers. Thus is the only thing that worked! Thank you! I have referred several friends to your product.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars S.

Our older son had a terrible case of molluscum for nearly a year and it just kept getting worse. They were preparing to kick him out of preschool because the teachers were afraid of the condition. We used your product and it cleared up within a month! Now our younger 2 have vey mild cases but we know your product will work wonders on them too!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Stephanie

My 10 yr old has had molluscum on his torso since August 2013. We’ve tried multiple treatments, and nothing worked. His skin was so irritated and painful that he would often be in tears. He is on a swim team and was becoming self-conscious to the point that he was choosing to wear a swim shirt during practices and meets. With all that being said, after one application of Emuaid his spots looked better. We’ve only been using it for a week now and I can see them going away. It has even helped with the itching. I do not catch him scratching throughout the day. Emuaid has been amazing! Thank you so much!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Johns Mom

My only regret is that I did not take a before and after picture. I am completely amazed! I BEG you parents to try this if your child has Molluscum!! Last July my son contracted Molluscum contagiosum at camp. It was under his arm and down his side. It quickly spread and became infected more than once. We had to put him on anitbiotics and steroid cream. Nothing would make it go away though. He was miserable. He would sometimes lay in bed crying, in agony from it. It hurt. It burned. It itched. The doctor said it would take 1-2 years to go away. He told us we could try taking Tagamet. It helped in some kids, but it would take 2-3 months to even begin to make a difference, and even then it might not. My son’s case was so severe. We made an appointment with a dermatologist but it would take 5 months to get in to see her. He was so upset. He was so desperate to get rid of this condition, he even said he would let the dermatologist burn, cut, freeze them off if that was the only way to get rid of them. Understand the child had about 60+ of these. I did all kinds of research online about the virus he’d contracted, and there really did seem to be no cure! While waiting to get in with a dermatologist we faithfully gave him the Tagamet twice a day for months. He didn’t do a lot but it was all we had. I was filling a prescription for more Tagamet about 3 weeks ago, when the Pharmacist found out what my child was taking it for, and she got SO excited. Her child had had Molluscum too, and so did a niece. She told me about Emuaid Max. She said it was a miracle drug! I looked it up online. We had enough time to order it and try it for 7-8 days before the derm appointment. WOW!!!!! The Molluscum was 70% gone by the time we saw her. Two nights ago he was down to 17. Tonight, there are 7 places left and they are CLOSE to being gone. PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!!! I told both my pediatrician and the dermatologist. This product is AMAZING! We literally thank GOD for it! Another couple of days and this condition that TORTURED my child since the 1st of July will be GONE. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Lyn

I was so glad that I had a conversation with my friend about a skin condition we’ve been dealing with on our 4 year old. Her kids also had it, so she recommended Emuaid to me. We’ve used it just over a week now and I can really see a difference! I definitely recommend trying it, with a 30 day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Wade

Placed an order to help our daughter’s molluscum contagiosm. This was our last hope. Although we have only tried one container of Emuaid the severity of the rash has greatly reduced and itch free. Delivery was quick. We will be ordering more. Great product for the first aid kit. So relieved it wasn’t a scam. Thank you.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Britt

I am purchasing these for my two year old boy, he has some skin bumps that the doctors say he can not do anything about. They are supposedly going to just go away later. They are not and he is itching all the time. Hopefully this product helps. This product did work very well. It healed all his bumps and attacks the new ones with significantly less itching and flaring. Wish the price was a little cheaper, but will continue to buy since it works.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Clare

This is my second little pot of Emuaid and I am only purchasing it as ‘standby’ reserve – the first pot did the job 100% on my daughter – suffering with Molluscum Contagiosum. Tried other things in the UK but to no avail – this was like a miracle lotion.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Blake

Thanks for a great product. I have had a place on my face for over two years. It started with a thorn while chasing my boys through the woods. It became infected about two weeks later and never healed up. It would scab up and I would let the scab naturally fall off over time. It had this waxy looking stuff that would for under the scab. The scabs looked darker than normal. I began to try newsprint for weeks until redness and painful irritation stopped me. I tried checking for hidden thorn parts that may have remained. It began to look like a lesion and seemed to get bigger up to half an inch long. I tried vinegar. I tried numerous times every day applying hydrogen peroxide. I tried small patches after applying the hydrogen peroxide. I tried the duodenum patch. I tried the me di honey product. An RD said it looked okay and would get better. A professor of nursing at U.S.C. In Columbia, SC. said to let it scab up and naturally fall off. It had this pearly white stuff on it too. And itched like crazy every half hour for a few minutes. It would bleed sometimes, usually once a week. We tried sodium bicarbonate for a three weeks or more a number of times a day. It would still crack and bleed. I am 59 years old and am an artist who must see the public each week. Many people asked about the place on my face. With the medical industry failing to correctly diagnose things that may be cancerous 30% of the time. And when they do diagnose it as cancer they fail to cure anyone 91%, I felt very skeptical going to a failing business. And the medical literature said up to 4 years to cure with no medical cure available except burning, freezing it off, or cutting it off. They are so archaic and behind the times medically. After getting my smart phone we researched and found your product and read so many positive results that we bought the soap and emuaid regular strength. After two weeks of applying it 4 times a day; it no longer bleeds which it would bleed if I touched it. It no longer scabs up. It still itches and is a bit red. But I can wash my face without having to clean up blood. I can now apply the emuaid without any cracking of the skin. I can go out without a patch. It looks good. Thanks. Love it!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Laura

The only product available to help my son with skin issues that I was told by doctors could not be helped!!!!! You saved my boy and his self-esteem.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Julie

I am usually quite sceptical about about buying health products over the internet, especially from overseas, but I have to say I’m glad I took a chance with your product as it worked superbly for my son’s pimply rash over his body . From the time we started using Emuaid max it took about a month before we started to see results and by the second month his condition had all but disappeared. I would heartily recommend this product to any that suffers from a similar skin condition.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Kath

I just wanted to say a big thank-you! I’ve been using the EmuaidMAX cream on my 2 ½ year old daughters molluscums for about a week now (she’s had them on her arms, back & stomach for about 6 months). I cannot believe how quickly this cream has worked, it’s a miracle. Some of them have already completely gone. My daughter was getting very self-conscious of her “bumps” and is very happy to see them disappearing. I can’t understand why this product is not available in Australia and why it’s not recommended by paediatricians & doctors. I would highly recommend this product.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous

Thank you Emuaid!! After 14 months of 2 dermatologists telling us there is nothing we could do for our daughters mollescum, my oldest daughter who had the large red angry oozy type between her legs and the inside of one elbow..GONE in 14 days!! our youngest daughter had the hundreds of little ones, some even on top of the others…GONE in 2 1/2 jars. This stuff is the real deal, even when my oldest daughters bigger oozy ones were draining, I would put this right on there, did not burn or cause any discomfort!! Miracle, miracle..thank you so much, both of my girls are so relieved after having other kids question their “bumps” for so long. Thank you again!! If only I had known sooner about you.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars The Davidson Family

Thank you for your amazing product. We were battling muluscom for about 6 months with our 2 year old son. They covered his face. I feared people would not want their kids to play with him due to his spots. I also worried about spreading the infection to other children.The Emuaid totally cleared his face within days. It seemed to be a miracle. Thank you!!!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Elizabeth

I had tried several (tea tree oil) based treatments and none worked. Your product was my last attempt and it was the miracle cure. Unlike the liquid dropper that dripped, yours was easy to apply and we saw immediate results. My daughter had them on both sides of her torso and they were multiplying. As a model, I had to get it taken care of completely. The dermatologist had said some patients had success with tea tree oil but otherwise it could take years to go away. The other options he had would have left scars. Not an option for a model.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars A Satisfied Customer

My 9 year old boy, looked up the internet for a cure for his own molluscum and found Emuaid, it was gone within one week by applying twice a day.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Laura

My son was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum. The dermatologist prescribed a Retin-A type product which is used to treat acne. We were supposed to apply the cream and individually “pop” the bumps. What a nightmare! The entire area became inflamed. The entire process was painful, and because I was the one administering the cream, and popping the bumps, I caught molluscum in my eyes, and on my face, even though I had been so careful to wash my hands. I discovered emuaid through the internet. I immediately started rubbing it on the infected area on my son’s inner elbow, as well as some eczema type spots associated with molluscum. I put it on my face every night getting as close around my eyes as possible. It can also be applied under make-up. It’s been two months since the purchase. My son’s bumps are disappearing. The larger ones come to a head and are easily removed in the bath. The bumps on my face never really manifested as is characteristic with molluscum. I know it is because I started using the emuaid right away. My face no longer has that intense “pox” itch, and we are both improving each day. I fully recommend emuaid. I don’t know what we would have done without it!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Marcozzi

Three of my children were afflicted with a wart-like virus called Contagiousum Molluscum, which shows up in little pearly postules on the body. It is contagious (especially spreading through water, which is how my two little ones got it) and spreads quickly on the body. My older son had to have his burned off at a dermatologist’s office (to be able to continue to wrestle, which is where he got it in the first place). The two smaller children, age 4 and 1 1/2 could not endure that treatment and I was told by their pediatrician that it would eventually “burn itself out”. However, my 4 year old daughter’s had begun on her upper chest and was spreading up her neck, the back of her neck, and under her chin with no signs of “burning itself out”. Besides that it was unsightly and in areas that she touched often and could spread to other children easily, especially as the bumps became bigger and more irritating to her. After trying another product tagged as homeopathic and particular to CM, and was available in Walgreen’s, I had no luck with it after 3 bottles and a couple of months of application. This had been going on for over 6 months now. I found Emuaid online, and was intrigued as I already was aware of the amazing properties of emu on burns and scars. I decided to give it a try and into our third tub of Emuaid, my 2 year old son’s CM is gone, and my daughter’s is almost gone. The postules became red and angry looking, and then finally began to scab over and die. Even though the Emuaid is a little pricey, my dermatologist copay is $50 per visit, and was of no use to me in the first place. (due to the burning nature of the healing for CM). I would highly recommend it to anyone frustrated with CM as a natural alternative to burning off type of cures.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Dana

Didn’t know where to write but this product is great. I plan to share this with my daughter’s doctor. She was covered with molluscum spots and three weeks later they are almost all gone! Thank you for your product! I am so glad to be rid of the spots!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Kristina

My 6 year old son had suffered with molluscum for over a year. Repeated trips to the pediatrician resulted in being told to let them take their natural course; because they were located all over his face, by his eye on the upper part of his nose, on his chin & neck, burning them off wasn’t an option. They began itching him tremendously & spread to his chest, arms, & testicles. I hurt for my son because they embarrassed him & they were getting worse with no relief in sight. My boyfriend found emuaid & I read reviews & decided to give it a try. What a tremendously amazing product! Over night, he no longer itched or was in pain & there was a noticeable difference in their appearance. They were completely gone within 1 week of application!! He had over 40 of them & they have all disappeared & not returned & it has been 1 month without application of the product. Thank you for a wonderful product & for giving my son his life back; he can smile & play with renewed confidence with his friends & partake in his normal activities!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Monica

Miraculous! My 8yr old daughter sufferred from a severe case of Molluscum Contagiosum. After numerous trips to the dermatologist and being told to just let the virus run it’s course as a frustrated mom, I felt helpless. Living in Florida, the heat was unbearable and to keep the virus from spreading my daughter was miserable having to wear long sleeves & long pants to school. As a last resort, I ordered Emuaid figuring I had nothing to lose. Within 2 weeks of applying the ointment daily, my daughter’s symptoms were completely gone! If only I had ordered it 6mths sooner…my daughter wouldn’t of had to suffer as she did. This product is well worth ordering, I just placed another order so we have some just in case she has another flare up as school is starting soon and the virus is highly contagious. Thank you Emuaid!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Laci

I bought this a few months back after the Doctor said that my daughter’s molluscum would just go away on their own. She was getting more and more by the minute and her underarms and back of knees looked red raw. It took about 2 weeks of applying the ointment direct to the molluscum every night and they soon began to dry up and disappear. Would recommend to all!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Deborah

My granddaughter has had these little wart like things on her belly for about 3 years now , she is 4 now, and the Dr. said they will go away. However, as she has gotten older they have been spreading. I read about the Emuaid and thought WOW! can I really afford that. $50.00 dollars is a lot for me. But I closed my eyes hit the button and ordered it. It has been about a week now and the little bums are disappearing. I can’t wait for another week to see what happens. My Aunt used to raise these birds never did I think. Although my mother and aunt believed in it greatly. This was years ago. Thank You for your product.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Bill

Fantastic Treatment for Molluscum contagiosum! After being told by our doctor and then a dermotologist that the only treatment was freezing off the individual lesions, we were desparate. Our 8 year old had them all over her buttox and thighs, and they seemed to be spreading. The “treatments” from the dermotologist were painful and did not seem to be doing much to control their spread. We were skeptical of Emuaid but decided to check it out. We could not be happier with the results. This was the “miracle” we were looking for. We have been using it nightly for about 3 weeks and are extremely happy with the product. The lesions are mostly gone, and it was painless. We saw drastic improvements the first week and they are not spreading or coming back. This is what you are looking for to treat molluscum contagiosum on your child!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Michelle

Great!!!!!!! This really works.. To make my story short my 3 year old had this all over her left arm she would complain that it itch her a lot. We been to the Dr office too many time that I cant not count. We went on vacation to Germany for the summer and ended up taking to the Dr office over at Germany. He had told us that he could remove them, but when started the procceder my daughter started running all over the office so he ended up giving us a cream that I dont even know the name. The cream didnt do anything. came back to America still looking for a solution. and still none. family memebers where calling from all over to take her to the Dominican Republic. I really didnt want. Till I started searching the web. And finally found Emuaid apply it as directed and in 4 weeks all gone.. and will order one more for back up…………………… Love it shes a happy child …..*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Carol

WORKING!!!!!! I was at my wits end and didn’t know what else to do! So I googled Molluscum and found your product! The Doctors told me there was no cure for Molluscum contagiosum.( It would be too painful for him) My son is 3 and this started when he was in the beginning of potty training (not sure where he got this bump from) (It looked like a skin tag or zit) Well I have been using this cream for 1 week and have seen a great deal of improvement! I don’t know why the Doctors did NOT reccomend anything!

Get EMUAID® Now and Reduce the Appearance of Your Molluscum Contagiosum

EMUAID® for Molluscum Contagiosum is Available in 2 Convenient Sizes:

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Much more than a typical bar soap, this all natural, advanced formulation contains:

5% Emu Oil • Tea Tree Oil • Argan Oil • Macadamia Oil • Jojoba Oil • Peppermint Oil

Triple Milled in the 300 Year Old French Tradition

Packed with nature’s most effective germ fighting compounds and moisture boosters to increase your body’s ability to heal. EMUAID®’s ultra-nourishing moisture bar thoroughly cleanses, gently exfoliates, combats pathogens, soothes itching, eliminates flaking and moisturizes fragile, damaged, dry skin.

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We're confident that EMUAID® will work for your anal warts. Most customers see a noticeable improvement in less than 24 hours. Once applied, EMUAID® starts to work to eliminate your symptoms immediately.

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Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment

About Molluscum Contagiosum

The Molluscum disease is caused by the poxvirus Molluscum Contagiosum (MCV). It is a highly contagious disease, and usually these infections afflict children under ten years old. Molluscum Contagiosum often appears as pearly, red, white or flesh colored skin nodules with a dimpled center filled with white, waxy material. There are few effective medication options for those suffering from Molluscum and to ultimately relieve Molluscum, you must kill the virus at the root of the infection.

EMUAID® is a groundbreaking, scientifically-based, modern homeopathic topical ointment engineered with natural healing ingredients and rare growth factor stimulators that work synergistically to soothe irritation, calm inflammation and safely fight the infection to kill the bacteria that produces your symptoms. It can also be used for possible prevention too. It truly is one of the best resources for infectious diseases and other problems. Many customers report noticeable improvement and relief within 48 hours, hence why they use it as a Molluscum Contagiosum treatment option. EMUAID® is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment for Molluscum Contagiosum

Upon application, EMUAID® Ointment begins soothing the symptoms associated with the Molluscum Contagiosum disease. By applying EMUAID® Ointment to the affected skin areas, it painlessly starts to relieve discomfort, itching, nodules other problems.

Calms Inflammation, Itching, Pain And Discomfort*

The soothing homeopathic ingredients in EMUAID® Ointment provides relief on contact to calm inflammation and relieve itching, pain and discomfort.* Each of the ingredients in EMUAID® was selected based upon having long histories and clinical support of providing outstanding benefits in skin therapy.

Heals Nodules And Prevents Scarring

Any time the skin is damaged by a swollen nodule or viral rash, there is a potential risk for scarring or permanent blemish. EMUAID® stimulates blood flow to rapidly promote the growth of new healthy skin cells and prevent scar tissue from forming.

Safe And Painless – With No Side Effects

Unlike other leading products, EMUAID® has no irritating chemicals or reported side effects. It contains natural ingredients and can be used safely by the entire family. EMUAID® is unsurpassed in its simplicity and power.

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What is Molluscum?

Molluscum is a contagious disease commonly seen in children.

They appear as small, rounded bumps on your skin. The bumps are the result of a viral infection.

If you see a small indentation in the center of each spot, it's probably molluscum. Molluscum bumps are usually similar in color to the surrounding skin or somewhat pinker. Although molluscum can appear anywhere on the body, it's particularly common on your hands, arms, face, or neck.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Although this skin condition is often referred to simply as molluscum, you may hear it called by a longer name as well: molluscum contagiosum. By either name, the condition is the same. It's a contagious viral infection that causes the skin to break out in small, round bumps.

Molluscum contagiosum is the result of the molluscum contagiosum virus, a type of poxvirus. The virus is spread through person-to-person contact or by sharing personal items, such as towels, with an infected person.

How to Treat and Get Rid of Molluscum Contagiosum Fast?

Molluscum contagiosum typically clears up on its own, but the process can take months. Most cases resolve within a year, but some can take up to four years to go away. To quicken the process, you can try topical remedies.

We recommend EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® First Aid Ointments. EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® can help reduce pain, itching and inflammation to help with the symptoms of more than 100 skin conditions.

What Other Skin Conditions Can EMUAID® Help to Relieve?

Medical grade homeopathic EMUAID® has shown excellent track records in reducing the pain, inflammation, and symptoms for 100+ difficult-to-treat skin conditions based on our customers' experiences. From calming ingrown hair-induced inflammation to treating nail fungus, EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® have helped many customers with relieving discomfort, pain, and redness on their skin. If you are not sure which EMUAID® solution is suitable for your skin conditions, talk to us! We are more than happy to help you with exploring the best EMUAID® solution for you.

Can EMUAID® Help to Relieve Symptoms of Molluscum Contagiosum?

EMUAID® is specially designed to penetrate your skin, utilizing a unique EMUTANEOUS® delivery system that helps carry powerful healing ingredients deep into your skin. These ingredients calm inflammation and help to relieve symptoms of molluscum contagiosum rapidly. Similar to how EMUAID® works for molluscum contagiosum, customers also find EMUAID® effective for acne. However, we would recommend a powerful overnight acne treatment solution such as EMUAID® Overnight Acne Treatment for the effective relief of acne symptoms.

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