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Take (1) capsule daily in the morning with food.

  • Restore Digestive Health
  • Build A Healthier Immune System
  • Rediscover Optimal Health

Inhale this protective blend through each nostril. Use as often as needed.

  • Natural
  • Instant Relief
  • Breathe Free From Seasonal Discomfort And Environmental Assailants

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EMUAID® First Defense Immunity Duo Provides Essential Immune Support to Keep You Feeling Healthy*

70% Of Your Immune System Is In Your Digestive Tract

Probiotics are living friendly bacteria. Our digestive tract (or gut) is filled with good and bad bacteria, healthy bodies maintain an appropriate balance of this good and bad intestinal flora. Illness, antibiotics, medications, diet, travel and stress can cause the bad bacteria to overpower the good – leaving your digestive system out of whack and your immune system susceptible to attack. Since 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, maintaining intestinal balance is crucial to your whole body health. A daily probiotic supplement ensures that your healthy bacteria is replenished and digestive stress is reduced.

FIRST DEFENSE daily probiotic supplement balances your digestive system and strengthens your immune system to help you feel your best. Our unique probiotic blend contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Streptococcus thermophilus to promote healthy digestion, prevent gas and bloating and maintain regularity. Even if you don’t suffer from diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating, maintaining a healthy digestive system is important. These good bacteria strains promote healthy intestinal micro flora for essential immune support and overall health. Unlike other probiotics, each capsule of First Defense Probiotic Supplement contains 40 billion live organisms at time of manufacture.*

Studies Have Indicated That Many Opportunistic Pathogenic Germs Reside In Our Noses(1)

The olfactory system includes organs and cells related to our sense of smell. When we inhale through the nose, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory system and, almost immediately, the brain. Molecules inhaled through the nose are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. During inhalation, odor molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, including the limbic system. The limbic system is connected to the areas of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance (Higley & Higley, 1998).

Essential oils have a wide array of known benefits, including improvement of a variety of respiratory complaints(2). Inhalation is considered the safest and most effective means of administering essential oils. By inhaling the right blend of essential oils, someone suffering from bronchial and sinus congestion, sore throats, colds, coughs, and other seasonal discomfort can see improvement(3). In addition, the inhalation of essential oils supports overall well-being in many other ways.

EMUAID® FIRST DEFENSE Inhaler contains a powerful, protective blend of pure essential oils to provide instant relief from nasal and sinus irritants. We have synthesized the therapeutic benefits a centuries’ old aromatherapy blend developed for its antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and have delivered them in a simple to use, mess-free nasal inhaler - inhale these comforting vapors throughout the day to help maintain a feeling of well-being, provide relief from seasonal discomfort and reduce environmental stresses.

Together the FIRST DEFENSE Immunity Duo Delivers Digestive Support, Replenishes Healthy Bacteria, Comforts the Nasal Passages and Sinuses, and Provides Multifaceted Essential Immune Health.

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Top Customer Reviews

A picture of 5 yellow stars Howard C T.

Great product. Recently traveled to Colorado for a skiing trip with friends and family. Several people got colds but with regular use of the inhaler I managed to avoid any issues. Smells amazingly good.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Matt H.

As someone who has struggled with chronic sinusitis and allergies for a lifetime, I have significant experience trying both prescription steroid and over-the-counter sprays and inhalers in order to manage my symptoms. After experiencing a range of success coupled with the trade-offs of side-effects, I'm happy to have finally found (and fallen in love with) Emuaid First Defense Inhaler. In addition to significantly improving my clogged sinuses and congestion, I have found the product to be really pleasant to use with an added benefit of a somewhat calming/relaxing side-effect. I would definitely recommend.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Mary

I absolutely love the New Inhaler!!!! The scent is awaking, fresh, stimulating per say. The inhaler is good for many uses for me. I use it to get my day started first thing in the morning. It is good to use in stressful situations. I have found it to be calming when I drive. I use it at work as well. The inhaler is calming but gives you an energy boost kind of at the same time. The inhaler was very useful when my allergies started to act up and the stuffy nose kicked in. Also I suffer from migraines; sniffing the inhaler occasionally helped the symptoms subside a little quicker I feel.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Ana

I suffer from allergies and sinus congestion and decided to try the inhaler, I’m so happy I did. I noticed right after using it that I was able to breathe easier and my sinuses felt clearer. I also love the smell, this blend of essential oils really is uplifting and great –even my kids love it. Now whenever we start to feel a little under the weather, we use this inhaler and honestly we all start to feel better. I highly recommend it. *

A picture of 5 yellow stars Bernice G.

The First Defense Stick is AMAZING!!! I’m a huge emuaid ointment fan and started using the inhaler with a purchase of the First Defense probiotic. I got the flu this season, and when I started to feel sick, the First Defense Stick was the best inhaler that helped to clear my sinuses and improve my symptoms. I also use the emuaid ointment around/under/in my nose when I’ve been blowing it too much and my skin gets chapped. It immediately feels better, clears up the redness and heals my broken nose skin. I have 2 inhalers now and use them every day especially when I’m not sick—I keep one at my desk at work, and one in my purse since I’m always on the go. I can get super stressed, but every time I take a whiff of it, the aromatherapy blend always helps remind me to take a breather and de-stress. Seriously, THANK YOU for making such great products!!! I can’t wait to see what’s next from emuaid! *

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A picture of 5 yellow stars Sue

This inhaler is amazing!! I love the smell and use it all the time. I especially like to use it before yoga classes and even have my kids use it before school for a little immune boost.*

(1) Shinichiro Haze, Keiko Sakai, Yoko Gozu; Effects of Fragrance Inhalation on Sympathetic Activity in Normal Adults, Japanese Journal of Pharmacology,. 90, 247-253 (2002)

(2) Ben-Arye E, Dudai N, Eini A, Torem M, Schiff E, Rakover Y. Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care: A Randomized Study Using Aromatic Herbs. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine : eCAM. 2011;2011:690346. doi:10.1155/2011/690346.

(3) Cohen, BM and Dressler, WE. Acute aromatics inhalation modifies the airways effects of the common cold. Respiration. 1982; 43: 285–293

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