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EMUAID® is a groundbreaking, scientifically-based, modern homeopathic topical ointment engineered with powerful natural ingredients and rare growth factor stimulators that work synergistically to soothe irritation, calm inflammation across a variety of disorders and provide symptomatic relief for damaged and resistant skin conditions.

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"I’ve been using the product for 4 full days now and have seen marked improvement. I’m hopeful this product will be the answer!"*


"This is the greatest product I have ever used – good for anything related to skin condition. Thank You"*


"Relief! I would get so sore that urinating was painful and something I dreaded. This ended after my first few applications."*

Angela N.

"This is the only product that makes a significant difference in my skin disease, Vulvodynia. The makes the leasions go away after continued use. A tiny bit goes a long, long way. Don’t stop making this product, please."*


Vulvodynia Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms

About Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is a condition that occurs in women and is associated with nerve pain in the opening of the vagina involving the vulva and causing vulvar nerve pain. Symptoms include tenderness and profound burning in the genital region. The cause of this condition is not understood and doctors need more information and research to know more about vulvodynia. Increased sensitivity of the nerves on the skin’s surface may contribute. Women of all ages experience vulvodynia. Patients who have interstitial cystitis, endometriosis and high-tone pelvic-floor muscle dysfunction appear susceptible, but it is unclear whether these diseases trigger vulvodynia or vice versa. Menopause, stress and changes in detergent, soaps or other hygiene products also seem to trigger vulvodynia in some patients. Symptoms of vulvodynia, that could lead to a diagnosis, include chronic pelvic pain that is aggravated by tight clothing, painful sexual intercourse, burning with urination, and vaginal burning.

With each stage that a bedsore progresses, the patient’s skin becomes more and more prone to infection and health problems. Moist wounds and necrosis (dead tissue) create a breeding ground for bacteria which cause infections. Infection poses one of the greatest delays in bedsore healing and is one of the worst health complications. Preventing infection is a key step to the healing of all wounds, bedsores, craters, and ulcerations. When bacteria spread under the patient’s skin and into the soft tissues, the body reacts by creating inflammation.

The Causes of Vulvodynia

The causes of vulvodynia are unknown, but it is not contagious and is not a sexually transmitted disease. It can, however, understandably cause a lot of discomfort and pain during sex. Chronic genital pain can be discouraging, frustrating, and relentless, but there are some treatments for the pain.

Treatments for Vulvodynia

The effective treatment of vulvodynia really comes down to a case by case basis. What works for one woman may not work for the other. Probiotics can help. Topical vulvodynia treatment creams can also help alleviate pain. Occasionally anticonvulsants and antidepressants can serve as good treatment and medication options.

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment doesn’t contain harsh, dangerous chemicals to stop infections. Instead, EMUAID®’s breakthrough blend of powerful natural ingredients reduces the painful symptoms of bacterial, fungal and yeast infections to stop the infection at its source, even around genitals and sexual organs.*

EMUAID® is an important, groundbreaking, scientifically-based, modern homeopathic topical ointment engineered with natural healing ingredients and rare growth factor stimulators that work synergistically to soothe irritation, calm inflammation and safely fight the infection to kill the bacteria that produces your symptoms. It’s helpful skin care at its very best. Many patients report noticeable improvement and relief within 48 hours. EMUAID® is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re looking for a vulvodynia treatment cream, Emuaid® is it.

Helps to Relieve Vulvodynia Discomfort

EMUAID®’s natural ingredients contain anti-inflammatory agents. Upon application, EMUAID® Ointment begins calming inflammation, infection, stinging and irritation. By applying EMUAID® Ointment to the affected vaginal area, it painlessly starts to reduce microbes and pathogens while providing advanced symptomatic relief and comfort. It’s a great way to supplement whatever drugs or medications your doctor is treating your vulvodynia with.

Reduces Pain, Burning & Discomfort*

Pain and discomfort often results from vulvodynia. The soothing homeopathic ingredients in EMUAID® Ointment provide relief on contact to calm inflammation, pain and burning sensation.* Each of the ingredients in EMUAID® was selected based upon having long histories and clinical support of providing outstanding benefits in topical therapy. Unlike other harsh products that contain damaging chemicals and aggravate existing symptoms, EMUAID® First Aid Ointment soothes the area with medicinal moisturizers and healing agents.

Heals Damage & Prevents Recurrence

Any time the skin is damaged, there is a potential for scarring or permanent blemish. EMUAID® stimulates blood flow to rapidly promote the growth of new healthy skin cells and prevent recurring symptoms.

Safe & Painless - with no Side Effects

Unlike other leading products, EMUAID® has no irritating chemicals or reported side effects. It contains natural ingredients and can be used safely by the entire family. EMUAID® is unsurpassed in its simplicity and power.

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Top Customer Reviews

5-star Anonymous

I have been suffering with Vulvadynia for a few years now and have been seeing several specialist. I have been on two different types of creams and many other types of remedies to try and eleviate the discomfort vulvadynia can cause. I was googling one day and came across a review that said she used Emuaid for her relief. I figured what did I have to lose? I started using it and I noticed its cooling effect immediately. I LOVE this product!!!! I'm so thankful to have found your product. The previous creams that I have been on have NEVER given me the relief I get from Emuaid.*

5-star Regina W.

I am using Emuaid for over a year. I first ordered it for Vulvodynia. It was healed within 2 days. I also use it for hemorrhoids. I love this product because it helps quickly without any side effects.*

5-star Joy

We are very thankful for the early arrival of your fine product. My sister, in less than 24 hours, is now completely Pain free. Very, very grateful,*

5-star Regina W.

I ordered the Emuaid ointment before and used it for Valvodynia. On the first day I felt some relieve and after the second day the redness and inflammation was gone. The product works quick. Recently my hemmrrhoids got inflamed and I applied the ointment 4 times a day as recommended. And Again, Emuaid gave me relieve from the burning sensation within a couple of days. Emuaid definitely has earned its place in my medicine cabinett*

5-star David J.

It is the only meds that i have ever found that totally works. the shopping exp, was awesome thanks*

5-star Maggie T.

This stuff is so good. I got the extra strength this time. I am assured that it will work as well or better. Nothing I have tried before worked until I discovered this product. It’s a miracle in a jar.*

5-star Gale
I have suffered with Vulvodynia for 9 months by now. I received my jar of Emuaid yesterday by mail. I applied it at about 9:00 pm last night. It is now 9:00 am and I have not itched or scratched in 12 hours! This is a really big thing for me.*

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5-star Donabeth

Emuaid has totally controlled my Vulvodynia …the first time in 17 years. Thank you Thank you! I wish I could send it to all the idiot dermatogists out there, so eager to just shoot you up with steroids…..but then, they would be out of a job, wouldn’t they??? I would love to work for this company after I retire from teaching… *

5-star Gwendolyn

I have tried so many things to cure my Vulvodynia, and I almost didn’t try this product because of the cost. But a little voice said go ahead try it, if it doesn’t work then you’ll know. I’m on my 5th jar, and I would buy it again.*

5-star Ross

annoying persistent itching relieved.*

5-star Rebecca

This is the only product that makes a significant difference in my skin disease, Vulvodynia. The makes the leasions go away after continued use. A tiny bit goes a long, long way. Don’t stop making this product, please.*

5-star Valerie

I just purchased my second order of Emuaid cream. I have a chronic inflammatory skin disease which makes my skin itch – I stratch and then get a sore that use to take forever to heal!!! Now – with your skin cream I get the itch and sore but the healing time is soooo much faster – maybe a week if I am lucky! My skin doesn’t break out as often these days and I can continue to wear short sleeves and skirts without being embarassed about the “sores” I use to have and used to say that I got from my cat!! I truly recommend this cream to my dermatalogist and friends. I have used it on minor burns, or cuts and definitly see a difference in the healing process. I am very pleased with this product!!!!*

5-star Abby

 I’ve been using the product for 4 full days now and have seen marked improvement. I’m hopeful this product will be the answer!*

5-star Lydia

I had vulvodynia years ago and with being post-menopausal, it just made it more uncomfortable. I really had problems riding my bike. I was using estrogen cream but leery of the side effects. Then I saw an ad for Emuaid and thought I would try it. This is only my second day of using it but I can already ride my bike more comfortably. Hoping it helps in intimacy with my husband too!*

5-star Aubrey

I have been suffering from post-menopausal vulvar dryness and have been to many gynecologists for treatment without success. After just one application of Emuaid, I had immediate results and my symptoms went away. I can now sit down comfortably without having unbearable discomfort. Thank you Emuaid for improving my life – I truly recommend this product.*

5-star Jessie P.

I suffer from Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS) and after the first few applications, I didn’t notice any changes but the cream didn’t hurt or burn. It’s smooth and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. However, my discomfort almost disappeared – I would say that after 2.5 months of using Emuaid; I very much realized the improvement.*

5-star Zsa

There was a slight burning in the beginning but I had some relief after 3 days. It took a couple of weeks to feel almost normal.*

5-star Jules

I was having post-menopausal dryness, burning and itching. I saw an article about Emuaid and decided to try it. I had been experiencing a lot of discomfort and it went away after the second or third application of Emuaid. I was thrilled!! The itching and burning have gone away. I continue to use it so that the burning and itching does not come back.*

5-star Angela N.

Relief! I would get so sore that urinating was painful and something I dreaded. This ended after my first few applications.*

5-star Katie

I used Emuaid 3 times per day. What a miracle! After 3 weeks I had long periods with no burning or pain. I will continue to use Emuaid from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you*

5-star Marie C. Jones

I used Emuaid 3 times per day. What a miracle! After 3 weeks I had long periods with no burning or pain. I will continue to use Emuaid from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you*

5-star Selena

 I had so much vulvar discomfort and couldn’t find anything to help with the irritation and occasional itching. Once my GYN diagnosed vulvodynia, I discovered Emuaid on an online website and thought, what do I have to lose?! I didn’t experience any burning with use and after using it for a good 2 months, I feel better and am not constantly aware of the vaginal area.*

What is Vulvodynia?

The diagnosis of vulvodynia refers to ongoing pain in the vulva. There are two kinds of vulvodynia that women suffer from; they are localized vulvodynia and generalized vulvodynia. Localized vulvodynia presents chronic pain in the skin around the vaginal opening or less commonly on the clitoris. Pain in the vaginal opening is called Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD). If the pain is in the clitoris, it is referred to as clitorodynia.

Women who are diagnosed with PVD or generalized vulvodynia often experience pain while using tampons, having sexual intercourse, or a gynecological examination. They may also experience pain from wearing tight pants or tights and if sitting for a long period such as riding a bicycle. The pain caused by this condition is described as burning, stinging, throbbing, or soreness in the vulva.

What Causes Vulvodynia to Flare Up?

It’s important to note vulvodynia is not a sexually transmitted disease. It can happen to all women regardless of age or how healthy they are. While it can be triggered by tight garments, sitting for too long, or insertion of objects into the vagina, there are other reasons the vulva may become irritated. Some other causes may be changes to hormonal levels, yeast infections, excess bacteria, allergic reactions, muscle spasms, or the body’s response to an injury.

How Long does Vulvodynia last?

The condition of vulvodynia usually lasts for approximately three months. Women who suffer from it may experience ongoing or intermittent pain. It may also go away on its own without treatment. It’s essential to find what triggers the vulvodynia flare-ups to help alleviate the pain.

How to Treat and Cure Vulvodynia Naturally?

There are several natural options to help treat vulvodynia. Whether the cause of the condition is due to an underlying immune system disorder or an allergic reaction to chemicals, it’s important to improve the overall health of the body to help restore its balance.

We recommend EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® First Aid Ointments. EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® can help reduce pain, itching and inflammation to help with the symptoms of more than 100 skin conditions.


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