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EMUAID® is a groundbreaking, scientifically-based, modern homeopathic topical ointment engineered with powerful natural ingredients and rare growth factor stimulators that work synergistically to soothe irritation, calm inflammation across a variety of disorders and provide symptomatic relief for damaged and resistant skin conditions.

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Lichen Nitidus Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms

About Lichen Nitidus

Lichen nitidus is a rare inflammatory skin disease. It is usually characterized by dermatology experts by tiny, pinhead skin-colored, glistening bumps (or papules) on the surface of your skin. These can also appear on your forearms, abdomen, and sometimes on the genitalia. Lichen nitidus results from abnormal inflammatory activity in skin cells. The cause of this inflammation, however, is unknown. Although lichen nitidus may occur in anyone, it typically develops in children and young adults. Dermatologists and health experts sometimes call cases of lichen nitidus, “mini lichen planus.” Lichen nitidus is not contagious. A diagnosis of lichenoiddisease can leave you feeling flat, nonetheless.

Lichen Nitidus Treatment Options

Lichen nitidus is a generally mild health diseases. Cases are also often asymptomatic (meaning you can have it without exhibiting any symptoms). Because of its mild nature, lichen nitidus will go away eventually. Even without treatment. Other generalized skin diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis don't, however the symptoms of lichen nitidus can be treated if you have a particularly bad case of the disease. Topical medicines can help restore your skin’s health. Antihistamines and phototherapy can also be beneficial treatment options for the lichenoid. They may help lessen the appearance of or eliminate the little, pinhead papules. As you can see, there are many lichen nitidus treatment options available to you. EMUAID® is also one of those lichen nitidus treatment options. EMUAID® is a great skin health ointment.

EMUAID® First Aid Ointment doesn’t contain steroids, or unhealthy chemicals. EMUAID®’s natural ingredients reduce symptoms of bacterial and yeast infections that affect your health. It also calms inflammation. It soothes the skin and stops any discomfort.

EMUAID® is a groundbreaking, scientifically-based, modern homeopathic topical ointment. It's engineered with powerful natural ingredients and rare growth factor stimulators. These work to soothe irritation, calm inflammation, and provide symptomatic relief. EMUAID® does this for damaged and resistant skin diseases. It works with lichenoids such as lichen nitidus and other generalized skin diseases. It even works for psoriasis and dermatitis.

Kills Bacteria & Yeast To Reduce Itch & Odor

EMUAID®’s natural ingredients contain antibacterial and antifungal agents. Upon application, EMUAID® Ointment begins eliminating the bacteria and yeast that affect your skin health. These microbes cause your irritating symptoms. By applying EMUAID® Ointment to the affected skin area, it painlessly attacks the microbes and pathogens. It also provides advanced symptomatic relief and comfort. These strong antimicrobial properties also begin to reduce itch and odor after just one application, improving your skin’s health.

Calms Inflammation, Itching, Pain And Discomfort*

The soothing homeopathic ingredients in EMUAID® Ointment provide relief on contact. They calm inflammation and relieve pain and discomfort.* Each of the ingredients in EMUAID® was selected based on clinical evidence conducted by dermatology experts. Dermatology studies show these ingredients provide outstanding benefits for skin health. Other creams can dry out your vaginal area and aggravate existing symptoms. EMUAID® First Aid Ointment soothes these areas instead with medicinal moisturizers.

Aids Damaged Skin And Prevents Scarring

Any time the skin is damaged there is a potential for scarring or permanent blemish. EMUAID® stimulates blood flow to promote the growth of new healthy skin cells and prevent scar tissue from forming. It also creates an occlusive barrier that prevents excess moisture from building on the recovering skin tissue.

Safe And Painless – With No Side Effects

Unlike other leading products, EMUAID® has no irritating chemicals or reported side effects. It contains natural ingredients and can be used safely by the entire family. Emuaid can treat lichen nitidus, dermatitis, psoriasis, and a variety of other generalized inflammatory skin diseases. EMUAID® is unsurpassed in its simplicity and power.

Reviews of EMUAID® for Lichen Nitidus

Facing the challenges of lichen nitidus, many are turning to EMUAID® with optimistic results. Individuals have shared their positive experiences, emphasizing the product's soothing effects on the tiny, shiny bumps characteristic of the condition. The harmonious blend of ingredients in EMUAID® not only calms irritation but also fosters a conducive environment for skin healing.

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Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

A picture of 5 yellow stars Joy

We are very thankful for the early arrival of your fine product. My sister, in less than 24 hours, is now completely Pain free. Very, very grateful,*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Victoria D.

This is the best product I have ever used. I have been suffering silently for months from the skin condition Lichen Planus. I couldn’t sleep the other night due to the itching, so I got on the internet and googled my issue. Your advertisement was quite inspiring and I purchased it on the spot.Within a day I had relief, within two days I had complete relief from using EmuaidMax. I purchased the Therapeutic Moisture Bar too, and really like it.Thank you for helping me feel better, I am truly grateful. Victoria*

A picture of 5 yellow stars David J

It is the only meds that i have ever found that totally works. the shopping exp, was awesome thanks*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Maggie T.

This stuff is so good. I got the extra strength this time. I am assured that it will work as well or better. Nothing I have tried before worked until I discovered this product. It’s a miracle in a jar.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Anonymous Customer

I love this product. Emu Aid has helped my lichen sclerosis better than any other product.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Carlyn

I ordered Emuaid in desperation after diagnosed lichen had covered most of my body creating disfiguring and sometimes painful wheals, lumps and adhesions at my elbows and concentric patterns on my face. My condition had first been dismissed by the medical community as "self-created" . . . I had used anti-fungal OTC products that helped some, along with OTC antibiotic creams, but could not seem to get "on top" of the spread. Emuaid has produced a phenomenal effect on my skin by causing the "white matter" to release its grip and surface on my skin for removal. The lumps and wheals have markedly diminished and my face is dramatically improved. Finding a product that works has meant so much to me; I can face the world again without shame and move without the pain of this lichen growth pulling and tearing at my skin!*

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A picture of 5 yellow stars Snake

I was very skeptical just like everyone is but this product works exactly like they said it would. Even more impressed because the doctor prescribed cures haven’t worked and this stuff did!!!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Rando


A picture of 5 yellow stars Cynthia

I have been having a huge problem with LIchen Planus for well over 2 years at least now from the inflammation in my body. My Dermatologist gave me a prescription and it did about nothing. I got desperate and looked onlline and found this. It has helped SO VERY MUCH, I kid you not. AND I really like all of the ingredients. I am still dealing with the LP and have some scarring but what a difference it has made and I am still on my first container of it. I put it on, rub in in when I got to bed mostly (keep it on my nightstand) and I may not smell glamourous anymore but I am kicking this LP on the outside at least.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Samara

I would recommend this ointment to anyone, i used it for about 3 days and felt refief from a perianal yeast infection i had been suffering with for over a month. I also used it for eczema on my hands. all i can say is thanks to Speer Lab for making such a great product!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Mary S.

Absolutely Amazing! I just received my emuaid 2 days ago, and already have relief. I suffer from Linchen Planc and after using every medication . . . emuaid is the only product that works instantly. It seems to soften the areas affected and stops the irritating itch instantly. EMUAID IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Leigh Paux L.

4 days and Noticeable Improvement I ordered this product on Thurs and Received it on Sat afternoon. Have been using it since Sunday and it is now Wednesday with noticeable improvement of Lichen Sclerosis. This is coming after a year and a half of treatments with other treatments.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Debra

Great Service! When ever I put an order in, it is processed right away. I usually recieve my products with in two to three days. I am a huge fan of the Emuaid first aid cream and I find it is the only thing that works for my lichens sclerosis.Expensive but so well worth it!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Lorraine

Great stuff!!!!! I believe that your product is awesome as I have lichen schlerosis and it does help to stop the itching, and I am scared of the bad effects of the medicines that are prescribed by doctors.thank you for finding something that works.I am searching for capsules that work from the inside. and have found some just need to investigate more. thanks Lorraine*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Delene

Get relief from Emuaid. I have tried many different products over the last couple of years for my lichen simplex chronicus. The itch has been unbearable and unstopable. Nothing has relieved the itch until emuaid. Thank you for the help. The customer service is wonderful as well.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Cynthia

HELPED SO MUCH! I have been having a huge problem with LIchen Planus for well over 2 years at least now from the inflammation in my body. My Dermatologist gave me a prescription and it did about nothing. I got desperate and looked onlline and found this. It has helped SO VERY MUCH, I kid you not. AND I really like all of the ingredients. I am still dealing with the LP and have some scarring but what a difference it has made and I am still on my first container of it. I put it on, rub in in when I got to bed mostly (keep it on my nightstand) and I may not smell glamourous anymore but I am kicking this LP on the outside at least.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Carola

It relieved pain and itching within minutes. As soon as I used Emuaid, the pain when walking or sitting was reduced for a few hours after every application. I will post again, if it clears things up. As for my “condition” that needs healing, I have no idea if this product will work to heal me or not, but it is worth a try. It is suppose to make a difference in 24 hours. That hasn’t happened yet. What I have is Planus Lichen. If it does help, I will post back so other sufferers can try and post as well. The one thing it does do, it takes the pain and severe itching away.*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Derwood

Three years of suffering over in one weekend. I thought that pruritus ani would be with me for the rest of my life. After umpteen doctor visits, seven different prescribed medications, and who knows how many self-prescribed potions and lotions I had virtually given up. Then I tried Emuaid. The results have been, in one word, magnificent! Since the first application I have not had any symtoms of pa, and I am now in my fourth day of the program. It’ll probably take two weeks to get this smile off my face!*

A picture of 5 yellow stars Ron

This stuff works where nothing else I’ve tried does – I’m a believer The product arrived promptly and worked as advertized and you can’t do better than that! Nuff said! Oh, I forgot to add what the problem was that got me to try this product. Its embarrassing to talk about but for about the past 2 years I have suffered with “Butt Crack Itch”. It got so bad one morning I woke up to find I had scratched a hole in the seat of my pajamas while asleep. Its a miserable condition!! I tried twice daily bath soakings – Vaseline – triple antibiotic ointments – over the counter yeast infection cream – peroxide – Aveno baby creams and doctor prescribed anti-bio tics – added pro-bio-tics to my diet – quit coffee and most sugars – all to no avail. In desperation I ordered a jar of emuaid and got relief right away. I’ve only been using it for 5 days and haven’t had this much relief EVER in the past 2 years of suffering with this condition. If nothing else you have tried works, you have nothing to lose by trying this. It’s worked better for me than anything else has, that’s for sure!! I figured trying this was a lot cheaper than another doctors visit and more anti-biotics which only seem to screw up my digestive system even more! Good Luck!!*

EMUAID Therapeutic Moisture Bar infographic

Much more than a typical bar soap, this all natural, advanced formulation contains:

5% Emu Oil • Tea Tree Oil • Argan Oil • Macadamia Oil • Jojoba Oil • Peppermint Oil

Triple Milled in the 300 Year Old French Tradition

Packed with nature’s most effective germ fighting compounds and moisture boosters to increase your body’s ability to heal. EMUAID®’s ultra-nourishing moisture bar thoroughly cleanses, gently exfoliates, combats pathogens, soothes itching, eliminates flaking and moisturizes fragile, damaged, dry skin.

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How Does EMUAID® Help To Relieve Chronic Skin Conditions

EMUAID® ointments are specially designed to penetrate your skin. It utilizes a unique EMUTANEOUS delivery system that helps carry potent healing ingredients deep into the skin. The strong healing ingredients will begin to calm inflammation and relieve itching, pain, and discomfort upon application. Based on our happy customers' experiences, EMUAID® and EMUAIDMAX® ointments have worked for various persistent skin conditions, including lichen planus, hemorrhoids, fibromyalgia, and many others. Head over to the customer review section on the EMUAID® website, Facebook, or Instagram to learn more about how EMUAID® works for them.

Can EMUAID® Help with Itchy Skin Conditions?

EMUAID® is the perfect solution to skin conditions such as pruritus that are itchy. The unique EMUTANEOUS delivery system ensures that the ointment penetrates your skin immediately upon application, quickly soothing irritation. The power and efficacy of the natural, medical grade ingredients in EMUAID® allows one to see results in as little as 24 hours!

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